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Emotional Transformation Therapy

Emotional Transformation Therapy, or ETT, draws on the concepts of interpersonal therapy and visual brain stimulation therapy. This research-driven approach is used by trained practitioners to transform emotional distress without the use of drugs and medications. ETT aims to help the person in treatment move swiftly from a difficult emotional state into a more positive emotional state—from despair to empowerment, unhappiness to joy, or trepidation to courage, and so on—through the remedial use of light and color wavelengths, which can be administered through a light box designed specifically for ETT.

Windsong providers trained in ETT:
Brittany Fellwock, LPC
Margaret Martin, LCSW, SEP
Orange Bird Therapist Link
Melissa Haney, LCSW-S, SEP, CDWF
Blue Bird Therapist Link