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Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Deeply rooted in psychoanalytic theory, ISTDP works with unconscious defenses that create clients’ emotional and interpersonal problems. By blocking defenses and highlighting the real-life cost of defenses, ISTDP therapists help clients move rapidly through resistance to make lasting change in their lives. Developed as an accelerated alternative to long term psychoanalysis, ISTDP moves quickly, providing the significant change achieved in psychoanalysis in a greatly abbreviated time period. ISTDP is a deep, attachment-oriented approach.  Much of the work in ISTDP occurs by exploring the transference inherent in the relationship between therapist and client. Called “psychoanalysis on steroids” by a colleague, ISTDP is designed for clients who want to get to the root of their problem in a short period of time, and are comfortable with challenge, seeking a therapist who will be direct and “real” with them.

ISTDP students attend three-day seminars four times per year for three years to learn the initial core skills of the model. Margaret has completed the first three seminars of year one and utilizes some ISTDP techniques in her work with clients.



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