Terms of Service

Things you can’t do here:

Be mean.

Since everyone here is an adult and is trained in the care and feeding of the human psyche, we should all be able to get along pretty well. However, we are also all humans who from time to time completely lose our shit or are just not our very best version of ourselves. So, if you offend someone, make a repair. If you are offended by someone, ask for clarification, check yourself for ease of offense, and feel free to scroll past. If you want a moderator to be aware of particular content feel free to tag Marian the Librarian or send her a private message.

Some community guidelines to help us play well together

1. This is a space for mental health professionals and students. Use your real name and verify student or professional licensure status.

2. Please don’t share any confidential client information.

3. Be kind.

4. Feel free to respectfully disagree, debate, and be curious.

5. Don’t share any content posted without the express permission of the author.

6. Use your inside voice.

7. Remember that the interwebz are forever. Don’t share anything you don’t want coming up in a Senate confirmation hearing.

9. Have fun.

10. Learn stuff, share stuff.

The Small Print:

Biblio Therapy is a social networking site for licensed mental health professionals and students in the mental health field. It is for social, educational, and networking purposes only. Although Biblio Therapy is hosted by the therapists at Windsong Psychotherapy [hereafter referred to as “the hosts”], we do not endorse or support any information, claims, ideas, or opinions shared on the site, unless otherwise indicated. Unless clearly stated by the hosts, anything shared on Biblio Therapy is the opinion of the individual posting the information and does not necessarily represent the opinion of any therapist, either individually or collectively, associated with Windsong Psychotherapy. The hosts make no guarantees, promises, or assurances regarding any information, recommendations, or suggestions posted on Biblio Therapy or regarding participation within Biblio Therapy. Individuals participate in Biblio Therapy at their own risk. Remember that the interwebz are forever. Please be cool and have fun.