Welcome to Biblio Therapy

The online community/read-a-long/salon/soiree/gathering space.

By therapists. For therapists.
Please read before signing up for the site.

Some things you can do here:

Start or join a discussion group on any topic you want (within reason)*.

Use user tags to identify your area of town, modalities, specialties, etc., and search for colleagues with user tags. Want to find someone in Cedar Park who specializes in OCD, takes BCBS, and uses EMDR? You can do that!

Create/use discussion topics and categories within a group so that you don’t have to hunt through a long page or discussion thread to find the interesting tidbit you noticed last week.

Post articles, cute cat videos, etc.

Share your blog, your website, your advertisement, your ideas.

Create a user poll (like which book should we pick for the next read-a-long?).


How it works:

This space has groups, forums, and topics. The groups are places for people with common interests to gather, such as, "Somatic Experiencing Therapists" or "Women of Color." Within the groups, you can create specific topics. Unfortunately, only admins can create forums, although users can create topics with forums. Users can request a new forum in the "Biblio Therapy" forum. Just add your forum request to the list and we'll make it happen.

*Within Reason

*Within reason: Since everyone here is an adult and is trained in the care and feeding of the human psyche, we should all be able to get along pretty well. However, we are also all humans who from time to time completely lose our shit or are just not our very best version of ourselves. So, if you offend someone, make a repair. If you are offended by someone, ask for clarification, check yourself for ease of offense, and feel free to scroll past. If you want a moderator to be aware of particular content feel free to tag Marian the Librarian or send her a private message.

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