Margaret Martin

I've been in Austin since 1993 and graduated from the UT School of Social Work in 1999. I live in south Austin and rarely go north of 40th Street without a darn good reason. ;) I approach my work from an attachment and somatic perspective. I'm a Level III candidate in the PACT Training Institute and am currently in the first year of the 3 year ISTDP Core Training. I recently learned about deliberate practice for therapists and want to incorporate more of that into my work.

Some Qualities of Secure Functioning Relationships

Having a secure functioning relationship can be one of the most satisfying aspects of our lives.  When we’re in a secure functioning relationship we feel understood, loved, and protected.  We feel sheltered from the storm and know that there is at least one other person in the world who knows us better than anyone else, …

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Holding the Hope

Some people seeking therapy are just feeling a little stuck, or looking for more direction and clarity in their lives, while others come in feeling discouraged, defeated, and hopeless. People in this second category want help but often fear that they are beyond help. Those lost in the black hole of depression sometimes feel there’s …

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