Margaret Martin

I've been in Austin since 1993 and graduated from the UT School of Social Work in 1999. I live in south Austin and rarely go north of 40th Street without a darn good reason. ;) I approach my work from an attachment and somatic perspective. I'm a Level III candidate in the PACT Training Institute and am currently in the first year of the 3 year ISTDP Core Training. I recently learned about deliberate practice for therapists and want to incorporate more of that into my work.

Same-Sex Parenting Does Not Result in Disadvantaged Kids, Study Says

Same-sex parenting has sparked much heated conversation, especially in the sphere of religion. But science has officially disproven the notion that children raised by parents of the same sex will grow up any differently than those being raised by heterosexual parents.

According to a study published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, the “quality of family relationships” has more influence on a child’s well-being than the structure of the family. In addition, “no differences” were found in children despite their parents’ orientations.

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